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Access control
Smart Ticketing, Zutrittssteuerung mit INTELLIAX
Smart ticketing via our INTELLIAX access control system is revolutionizing the way we buy and use tickets. With online ticket ordering including QR code, ticket purchasing becomes more convenient for your customers than ever before. Whether for concerts, trade fairs or major events, the advantages are manifold.
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Messe München - Außenansicht
In two days, on 14.09.2022, the Expoharm will start at the Munich exhibition center. We are pleased that the organizer, Avoxa Mediengruppe Deutscher Apotheker GmbH, has chosen our INTELLIAX access control system.
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Wakeboard-Anlage Bluebay Heede
Today we would like to introduce Jan Brünjes, owner of the wakeboard and water ski park BLUEBAY, in Schiffdorf near Bremerhaven. He runs a large facility with attached beach gastronomy, adventure golf, water park and a lido with standup paddling since 2019.
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