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Since September 2022, recording your employees' working hours has been a legal requirement. The introduction of a digital time recording system such as humanify is a technological step forward that can increase your company's efficiency and create transparent processes.

However, when implementing a time recording system, it is crucial to understand that this has a direct impact on your employees and may cause uncertainty. It is therefore of great importance that you approach this topic sensitively. Open communication with your employees is therefore essential to ensure a successful introduction of humanify.

Why digital time recording?

In addition to the legal regulations, the introduction of digital time recording brings numerous advantages. Starting with the precise recording of working hours, holiday and absence requests through to the optimisation of your personnel planning. This is not only in the interests of your company, but also for the benefit of your employees, as legally regulated time recording is intended to protect the rights of your employees.

Open communication is the key to success.

Changes in the working environment can quickly cause uncertainty and anxiety among your employees. Open communication is therefore crucial. It is important to explain the purpose of digital time recording to your employees and clarify the benefits for everyone involved. This creates trust and promotes an understanding of the change.

What is important for the launch?
  • Training of employees:
    Before the digital time recording system is implemented, you should offer your employees training and space for questions and ideas. This will allow you to eliminate uncertainties and ensure that everyone can use the system effectively. Involving your employees at an early stage will give you a greater understanding, I promise! 😉
  • Highlight benefits for employees:
    Explain to your employees what advantages humanify brings for them. No more cumbersome Excel spreadsheets that may get lost or miscalculated. Your employees can also use the tool to conveniently enter their holiday requests or absences such as illness, which can be confirmed with a single click. No more long waiting times for your employees. The tool also offers an employee portal in which your employees have a comprehensive overview of their data or can "clock in" from their home office
  • Data protection and transparency:
    Clear guidelines regarding data protection and the use of your employees' collected data are essential. Employees should be informed about what information in humanify are recorded and how they are protected.
  • Get feedback:
    The opinion of your employees is invaluable. By obtaining feedback during and after the implementation of humanify, potential challenges can be recognized and resolved at an early stage.
  • Maintaining flexibility:
    It is important to remain flexible and adapt the system if necessary. The needs and requirements of your employees can change, and a successful time recording system should be able to respond to this. You can therefore change the framework conditions in humanfiy flexibly. No matter whether you want to adjust the working hours, holiday days or contract contents such as the salary.

The introduction of digital time recording is a significant step towards modern work organization. This change can be successfully organized through open communication, training and taking your employees' concerns into account. Ultimately, both your company and your employees will benefit from transparent work processes and efficient use of the humanfiy time recording system.

By the way: humanify not only offers you uncomplicated and transparent time recording for your employees. With humanfiy, you can revolutionize your entire personnel management. Because humanify also offers you a digital personnel file, task management, document management and much more.

If you have any questions about our human resources management system humanfiy, or would like to know how you can use INTELLIAX in conjunction with humanify to control access to your company, then send us a WhatsApp or call us on: +49 4954 927955-0.