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Smart ticketing via our INTELLIAX access control revolutionizes the way your guests buy and use tickets. With our Online order of tickets including QR code, ticket purchasing for your customers will be more convenient than ever before. Whether for concerts, trade fairs or major events - the advantages are manifold.

The online purchase of tickets with QR code offers your guests time savings and convenience. Long queues are a thing of the past, as your tickets can be purchased easily and quickly from home or on the road via your online store. Sending tickets with QR code via email allows you to avoid expensive and environmentally harmful shipping options.

Handheld devices with 2D scanners also enable smart ticket redemption. As an event organizer, you can speed up the admission process, have an overview of the booked tickets in advance, and offer your guests a seamless experience. No more long admission lines, just quick QR code scanning, easy measurement of people flows and smooth access for your guests.

Self Service Terminals further revolutionize the customer experience. Self-check-in and self-check-out at Self-Service-Terminals are user-friendly and intuitive. Your guests can manage their tickets themselves without having to rely on staff. This improves customer satisfaction and saves costs for your company.

Ecological benefits and summary

In addition to convenience and efficiency, smart ticketing offers over INTELLIAX also has ecological advantages. Dispensing with physical tickets reduces paper consumption and thus environmental impact. This is a step towards sustainability and environmental protection.

In summary, smart ticketing with online ordering, QR codes and Self Service Terminals is an enrichment for organizers and guests. The days of annoying queuing and paper printing are over. Instead, a contemporary and environmentally conscious system is ready to make ticket purchase and use a breeze. It makes the experience more enjoyable and smoother for everyone involved. Try it out and discover the future of ticketing!

You have questions about our Self Service Terminals,our POS system CASSABOX or our smart INTELLIAX access control? Then feel free to call us at 04954-92795-50 or write us an Message