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Secure access management

Wherever you want to control access automatically, our INTELLIAX access control system can support you. We supply the appropriate hardware at the same time: Turnstiles, tripod barriers, barrier systems or other access systems. You decide which person gets access to a certain room, area or building. Regardless of whether you want to use the access control indoors or outdoors, because the authorizations can be set individually. Of course, you can also control the access time.

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Professional services

For innovative access control

We provide you with everything from a single source: from consulting to the creation of a conceptual solution for your access control - tailored to your requirements - to commissioning and training. From the turnstile in the entrance area to a check-in and check-out system to the control of your lockers. With INTELLIAX you rely on the leading software in the field of access management and simplify the processes in your company. Your guests control all this conveniently via their RFID carrier. This is the only way for integrated security solutions to have a lasting effect. Our support team is available to you at any time to clarify questions during operation.

Tripod barriers & turnstiles

Mechanical or motorized

Electromechanical and motorized turnstiles for indoor and outdoor use as well as various models and designs for your access control. With us you will find the optimal product for every application and need. The turnstiles are fully equipped with motor drive and drop arm, which folds down in case of power failure or emergency signal. They are made of stainless steel and have green/red LED indicators on both sides for passage free and blocked. Furthermore, LED arrows are integrated on the cover as directional indicators. They can be used bidirectionally and the corresponding functions can be set for each direction via the control unit. With regard to reader technology, we offer you all solutions in the field of RFID, QR or bar code

RFID-Leser mit Standgehäuse

Reading Columns

QUANTUM floor-standing enclosure

The QUANTUM columns offer a solution for every requirement in their designs and adaptability and ample space for devices on the front panel and inside the enclosure. Thus, they are suitable for any application. The enclosure series has been specially developed for outdoor use and is made of robust and durable aluminum. It has a modular design and can therefore be flexibly adapted to the respective customer requirements. Starting with LED lighting in the cover or for illumination of the front panel, to individual widths and heights of the stand housing, to front panel sizes on customer request. In addition, we integrate devices directly in the housing or front panel at the factory on request and deliver ready to plug in. Individual coloring according to RAL is possible.

RFID locking systems

Access control via card, wristband or KeyFob

With electronic locking systems, you can control access authorizations for employees, guests or other groups of people simply and transparently via INTELLIAX. Access authorizations can be granted to individual rooms, building segments or entire areas - for a defined duration and permanently. Access rights are controlled centrally via INTELLIAX; the subject receives an access card, wristband or keyfob and is thus granted access to the defined areas. The locking systems on the respective doors function independently and are not connected to the system. They can also be installed relatively easily at a later date and thus replace the classic locking cylinders.

unterschiedliche RFID - Träger

RFID carrier

Contactless data exchange

RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) is the contactless exchange of data between an RFID transponder and an RFID read/write device. Information can be read from the chip of the RFID transponder, but also new data can be stored on the chip. The fields of application of RFID are manifold: access control, identification, payment systems, logistics, process control, facility management, marketing. The advantages of RFID carriers are: clear assignment through unique UID, complete individualization of the RFID carrier, high flexibility, since RFID carriers are rewritable, high insensitivity through contactless communication, high reading and writing speed, target group-specific use due to different carriers, branding with visible carriers such as chip cards, wristbands or keyfobs.

Mobile access control

Scanning via Tablet or Mobile Handheld

With our mobile solution, you simply scan QR codes or RFID tags and use our intuitive INTELLIAX app to check whether access is permitted or not. You decide, for example, whether a ticket is to be validated directly or only information is to be provided. You can see all the essential information at a glance: is access permitted, when was the check-in, how long is access granted, under which name was the ticket booked and does the photo match the person standing in front of me. With the integrated event calendar, information can be provided quickly, for example at trade fairs, as to when which event is taking place. In this way, the flow of people in and out can be controlled efficiently and without queues, even without permanently installed turnstiles. 

Possible Usecases

INTELLIAX stands for versatility. No matter what business you run, with INTELLIAX you rely on the leading software for access management.


Hotel business


Theme parks

Stages and theaters

Water Ski & Wake Parks

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