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Smart Ticketing, Zutrittssteuerung mit INTELLIAX
Smart ticketing via our INTELLIAX access control system is revolutionizing the way we buy and use tickets. With online ticket ordering including QR code, ticket purchasing becomes more convenient for your customers than ever before. Whether for concerts, trade fairs or major events, the advantages are manifold.
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Zutrittskontrolle Messe
In today's world, effective access control at events is of great importance. Turnstiles provide a reliable solution to control access while efficiently measuring the flow of people.
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Man am Self-Service-Terminal
By using self-service systems such as automated checkouts, online booking systems or access control, your customers can fulfill their needs independently. In times of staff shortages, this makes your personnel management easier and also reduces your costs.
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Self-Service im Bekleidungsgeschäft
The great demand for self-service systems is a phenomenon that has developed rapidly in recent years.
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Messe München, Expopharm 2022, Fahnen Eingang
expopharm kicked off yesterday in Munich, opening its doors for four days of innovations, information and interactions...
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