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Effective access control | measurement of people flows.

In today's world, an effective access control is of great importance at events. Turnstiles provide a reliable solution to control access while efficiently measuring the flow of people.

Measuring people flows enables event organizers to obtain precise information about the number of visitors and their distribution within the event area. This allows resources to be used optimally and bottlenecks to be avoided.

A proven approach to access control is the use of RFID or QR code technology. Event visitors book their ticket online in advance and receive personalized tickets with a QR code in advance. Alternatively, it is possible to control access via an RFID carrier. Scanning the badge or reading the RFID carrier grants access while simultaneously recording the number of people admitted.

This method offers numerous advantages. For one thing, access is fast and smooth, as the technology enables automatic identification. Secondly, it enables easy tracking of visitor flows, which is invaluable for security purposes or for optimizing the event concept.

Integrated measurement functions and real-time monitoring

In addition turnstiles with integrated measurement functions allow real-time monitoring of visitor flows. Organizers can thus react quickly to unforeseen situations, for example by providing additional staff at bottlenecks or opening alternative routes to optimize the flow of people.

Overall, turnstiles and people flow measurement provide an effective solution for precise Access control at events. They not only enable improved security, but also better organization and a more pleasant experience for visitors. Using RFID or QR code technology simplifies the access process while gaining valuable data about visitor flows.

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