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Efficient use of resources through the use of smart self-service systems.

Through the use of Selfservice Systems like automated Cash Registers Online-Booking Systems or Access Control your customers fulfill their needs independently. In times of staff shortage, this makes your personnel management easier and also reduces your costs.

Our intelligent Access Control INTELLIAX, offers you the possibility to automate and monitor access to certain areas or at certain times through RFID tags of any kind. This reduces the need for security personnel, as INTELLIAX controls access and denies entry to unauthorized persons.

Our self-service systems also offer potential benefits for your employees. By automating certain tasks, you can redeploy your employees to other, higher value-added areas. This can lead to better job satisfaction and increased productivity.

Thanks to the ease of use of our systems, the changeover is child's play for your staff and your customers. All data protection aspects are of course taken into account and implemented accordingly. Before using our systems, your employees receive comprehensive training. This builds their trust in the systems and enables them to provide your customers with the best possible support.

All in all, our smart systems offer you an opportunity to reduce personnel, which goes hand in hand with an increase in the efficiency of your company and cost savings on the personnel side.

Through careful planning and consideration of the stakeholders involved, this approach leads to positive changes in your company and incidentally strengthens your competitiveness.

You have questions about our self-service systems, our POS system CASSABOX or our smart INTELLIAX access control? Then feel free to call us at 04954-92795-50 or write us an Message

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